When your home needs repairs before you can sell it, it can be nerve-racking when you’re trying to put it on the market without doing a lot of upgrades to it. When you’re finally ready to sell, it can feel hopeless when you have old floors, a run-down yard, and everything else seems to be broken. Not everyone has the time or money to fix everything up before they sell. The good news is Sky Equities LLC has some tips for you to let you know it’s not impossible to sell a house that needs some work done.

You may feel like you have to put some money out, but in reality you really don’t have to. Honestly, sometimes it’s not the smartest move to make major improvements to your home. You don’t always have to put in new flooring or upgrade the kitchen to look appealing. When it comes to selling a project house it’s not about trying to make it dazzle. It’s more important to showcase the features your house does have and the potential people can see in it. As long as you don’t have any major structural damage or safety issues there’s nothing to worry about.

Make the yard pretty and clear up the clutter

Landscaping is one of the biggest things you can do for a good first impression. You don’t need to spend a lot of money for an expensive yard just clean up the weeds, mow your grass, and plant some flowers. Cleaning up the clutter in your house works the same way. Studies show that 95 percent of potential buyers go straight to your windows in order look at their future views. This means if you have dirty windows and sills that leaves a bad impression.

Small details make a world of difference

No matter the reason for not making big renovations, you don’t really need to stress yourself out about that when you’re in a saturated market. However, making small fixes here and there shows the buyer you put time and effort and your house is worth the money. Some small changes you can make to your home is:

  • Clean up the landscaping
  • Patch holes
  • Scrub your bathroom
  • Fix broken door and hinges
  • Fix any leaky pipes
  • Add some caulking where needed
  • Replace your grout
  • Remove stains out of your carpet

Show off your house’s features

The last and best thing you can do is cater to your home’s strengths. The truth is buyers can always change the floor plan or other personal stylistic ideas you had after the purchase. If your potential buyer loves the layout and gets a feel for what your home truly is then they will buy it no matter what. You can also include your neighbourhood features like parks that are close by and great school districts as well. If the buyer knows they only have to spend a small amount to renovate the floor, paint, and update some appliances and fixtures; that could be your selling point in order to get your home off the market.