Selling your home is stressful enough without having to worry about having to stage it. During this process, there are so many decisions that have to be made. You have to think about when to sell it, who will you hire to sell it, and what is going to be the price. After you make all those decisions, you will have to ask yourself, “Should I stage my home or not?”

Over time, housing and selling techniques have increasingly become more strategic to better appeal to their buyer audience. In today’s housing market, staging your home is no longer just a good idea, but it’s now one of the most critical aspects of the selling process. According to, a staged home gets sold in an average of 6 days when it’s on the market compared to 48 days of the national average of when it’s unstaged. In a saturated housing market, staging your home might be the thing you need to put you over the top from other buyers. So, with that said what exactly is a staged home?

What is Staging a Home?

Staging your home means preparing your house in such a manner that it looks aesthetically pleasing and entices your potential buyers with a vision of what their future house could look like. A lot of staging techniques tend to focus on the appearance of the home, and rightfully so. The sellers transform their house into a masterpiece. They include art, paintings, lights, plants, and rugs, all to create the perfect house for buyers. By doing this, not only does your home look more attractive, but it also shows buyers the potential your home has for them and feeds them the inspiration of what they can do.

Staging Homes Compared to Unstaged Homes

When thinking about staging your home, the whole process can seem like it’s not worth the hassle. However, it has been proven that when you provide potential buyers a visual representation of the space inside your residence; they can better picture themselves living in that space. The most significant difference between homes that are staged and unstaged is the overall appearance and ambiance. Just ask yourself would you rather walk into a home that had a beautiful interior or a house that is empty? Homes that have been staged cater to buyers and exemplify the qualities that people look for when seeking to buy houses.

When your house is staged, your buyers can feel the difference. It gives them a feeling that your house is inviting and has that sense of comfortability. Lastly, staging your home works as a great selling tool because of social media. When you post anything online, people are drawn to beautiful visuals. Think about what homeowner hasn’t looked at Pinterest or Instagram to get ideas for great decorating styles. As people are looking through various social media platforms, they want to picture themselves in the home they are looking at, and the picture you post might be the one they had in mind. The more your buyers can see themselves in your home, the better chance you have of them buying it.