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Tips For Appealing To Home Buyers

Engaging the Homebuyer: Top Tips to Drive Your Real-Estate Sale

We’ve sold dozens of homes in the past, and each sale is unique. For that matter, every homebuyer is distinct in his or her desires for the perfect home. When you’re trying to sell a home quickly, connecting with potential buyers can be difficult. You have to know what they want in a property. Take a look at the top tips that can drive your real-estate sale into escrow in no time. The listed tasks are relatively simple.

1. Power Wash the Exterior

Painting your home’s exterior walls is a major task, especially if you have a two-story home. There’s no need to spend money on this improvement when you can just brighten the original paint. Rent a power-washer machine so that you can clean off the exterior surfaces. Use a setting that’s gentle on the paint while removing any dirt or grime. Consider washing the windows too. Clean glass gives your view a different perspective for buyers as they tour the property.

2. Neutral paint colors

New paint does make a statement to homebuyers so try a simple trick of the trade. The hue should complement the surrounding décor, neutral colors are often the best choices.

3. Make the Interior Larger

Give the impression of a huge house by removing clutter from the interior. Take away most of the items on tables and shelves. Leave out display items, such as vases, for decor purposes.

Pull excess furniture from the rooms too. Bedrooms may be small, but they can look large with a twin bed and single nightstand. Store the items at a separate location until you close escrow.

4. Swap the Hardware

We often come across properties that are dated from a design standpoint. You can’t possibly update every aspect of the home, such as the kitchen cabinets, but you do have options.

Add new hardware to cabinet doors whenever possible. The surrounding cabinetry may be decades old, but the hardware becomes a focal point. No one will notice the older components. Many buyers will just overlook the dated items at that point.

5. Illuminate the Rooms

You may like a darkened room at home, but potential buyers are turned off by these surroundings. Be sure to light your home accordingly. Try different light fixtures, such as:

  • Track lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Desktop lamps

Activate the lights before any open house. Although it may be daylight outside, the illuminated interior will always be a more welcome sight. Go a bit further by putting the lights on timers or attaching them to a smart system. Automatic lights are a coveted item among most buyers.

6. Shampoo the Carpets

Purchasing new flooring to sell a home may not be in your budget. As an alternative, clean the flooring that you have. Hire a professional to shampoo the carpets. A deep cleaning can make a huge difference in the look and smell around the house.

For hardwood or laminate floors, mop and seal them with a good polish. Shining floors tell buyers that the home is well cared for and worth a bid.

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