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Signs Its Time To Sell Your Home

Deciding to put your house on the market is one that should never be taken lightly. Before you make this significant choice, you need to weigh the pros and cons and reach a decision that is in your best interests. You can make this decision with confidence by recognizing the signs that it could be time to sell your home.

Your Home is Paid Off

One of the best ways to determine if you are ready to put your house up for sale is if its mortgage is paid off. Once your home is paid for, you are free to put it up for sale and buy another without the worry of having to pay off the first mortgage.

You also can take your time and choose a home that suits you. A home for that is paid for can be an asset if or when you are ready to put it up for sale and select another house into which to move.

Financial Readiness

Another sign that it could be time to sell your home is your financial readiness to do so. Having most or all of your debts paid off and some extra money put aside in the bank can give you the leeway to sell your house and buy another if you choose.

You avoid the worry of applying for a new mortgage with a high debt-to-income ratio and possibly not having enough for a down payment on a new house. When you reach this point in your financial life, you may appreciate it as a signal that perhaps it is time to sell your home.


If your house has a sizable amount of equity built up in it, it may be time to use that equity toward a new home purchase. You presumably want to avoid having to buy private home mortgage insurance. By using the equity in your home, you could avoid this and instead use the money to use as a down payment on a new house for you and your family.

Equity also lets you keep any money you have saved in your bank account. You can use the value of your current home to partially or potentially fully finance the purchase of another one into which to move.

Desire or Need for a Bigger or Smaller House

When you first moved into your home, it may have been the perfect size for you and your family. As the years have passed, however, your home may have become too big or too small to accommodate everyone who lives there.

Rather than live cramped and crowded in a home that is too small, you could fare better by putting it up for sale and buying a house that is big enough for all of your family members. Likewise, if your home is too big due to your children moving out and starting lives of their own, you may want to downsize to a house that is just big enough for you and possibly one or two other people.

Outdated and Out-of-style

When the years have not been kind to your home, you may want to sell it and upgrade to one that is more stylish and modern. Living in an outdated and out-of-style house can put a cramp in your preferred way of living. Rather than take on expensive remodeling projects, you may do just as well to sell the old home and move into one that is more in line with your preferences.

These signs indicate it could be time to sell your home. You can appreciate them for what they are and start your search for a new house to buy.

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